Client Name: Zak Leaf

Objective/Goal: Starting body weight 106.5kg, reach target weight of 93-95kg by 8 weeks, get stronger, build muscle and drop body fat.

Current Achievements: Current weight 94.2kg, weight loss of 12.3kg (27lbs)

Timescale: 8 weeks of personal training


I had been recovering from surgery and had the all-clear from my consultant to get back to exercising. We set an 8 week schedule before I planned to go on holiday to have a strict timescale.

Training sessions were booked in 5 times a week as well as additional cardio sessions.

My starting body weight after surgery (as I was very immobile in recovery) was 106.5kg. I wanted to drop down a fair bit and Chris set me a target of landing anywhere between 93-95kg (and was promised a very cheeky Nandos from CSS himself if I met my target goal). 

The process and training was great – every session felt different and challenging whether we progressed with weight, reps or controlled movement.

Chris is a great coach. I didn’t miss a single session in the 8 weeks because I didn’t want to let him down – he is always enthusiastic every time I get to the gym, motivating me to keep up the diet and stick to the plan, helping to variate the workouts depending on the day. The workouts I had been doing by myself became stale, but with Chris coaching me it always felt progressive and he gives a real sense of accomplishment and achievement to you.

I’m really happy with the results as I didn’t expect to lose that much weight in the short space of time. I’m wanting to book back in with Chris to strengthen up more and maintain the progress we made.


Client Name: Jack Perkins

Objective/Goal: Starting body weight 76kg, reach target weight of 83-85kg by 8 weeks, get stronger, build muscle and increase body weight.

Current Achievements: Current weight 83.3kg, weight gain of 7.3kg (16lbs), much stronger across all lifts and muscle tissue development in all areas.

Timescale:  10 weeks of personal training

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. However, over the past three years my workout routines had become extremely monotonous, and I had really lost focus on my nutrition. Even though I was lifting weights in the gym 2-3 times per week, I found I was never able to increase my strength or change my physique. And the frequent eating out, lack of planned meals, and nightly treats from Tesco certainly were not helping.

In January, I approached CSS with the intention of completing a 10-12 week transformation programme that sought to accomplish 3 specific goals:

#1) Improve overall strength

#2) Put on 10 KG of muscle mass

#3) Educate myself on the nutrition I was putting in my body

For me, this 10-12 week programme was all about taking my fitness to the next level. Yes, I understood basic lifts and exercises, but had no idea what I was doing with more complicated exercises (deadlifts, squats, overhead presses, etc.). From day one, CSS not only pushed me harder than thought I could go, but made sure every movement I made was controlled and focused.

After 10 weeks of dynamic upper and lower body workouts 4-5 times per week, and diet focused on lean meats and healthy carbohydrates, I’ve added 8.4KG of lean muscle to my frame. I feel stronger, more aware of the foods I consume, and overall more confident. The best part about the programme, is that I’ve learned to enjoy and look forward to my time spent in the gym. CSS makes each workout unique and challenging, so that I am never doing the same old routine. This is very important for me, for someone that is always looking for the next challenge.

So far I am thrilled with the results, and am looking forward to pushing towards my final goal over the last couple of weeks. To be continued…

Client Name: Sarah English

Objective/Goal: Improve body composition, Fat Loss, Target Dress Size

Current achievements: Reduced body fat, target dress size achieved & PB on Trap Deadlift 80kg x 3

Transformation timescale:  The Buddy Up x 10 weeks

I have to say I’m truly shocked by the changes I have seen in a short space of time training with Chris. Myself and Matthew are both into sports and training, but never really trained together and had both put a little extra fat on over the past year. With our holiday 10 weeks away, Chris agreed to put us on his couples program so we could lose some weight and tone up for our trip to Vegas.

From day 1 right to the end, Chris was attentive, empathetic and driving us to succeed which spurred us on and motivated us when we had distractions or troubles which made sticking to the plan more challenging. He knows his stuff, he shared knowledge on nutrition and health so we could make the lifestyle changes we needed to transform.

He gave me the confidence to try the heavy lifts I would not dare to before and it is so true that heavy compound lifts change your body in a short space of time. The trap bar deadlift was my particular favourite! It is amazing I have progressed to 80kg from starting at 50kg! There is no magic bullet except consistency, determination and a trainer like him to kick your ass when you think you can’t do it!

I think both Matthew and I have made changes we can keep and the results photos speak for themselves: we have made a great change in a relatively short space of time.

Chris, we are really thankful for your support and think this is the start of something great!

Sarah English - 12 Weeks Personal Training

Client Name: Joe Mirtaheri

Objective/GoalBuild lean muscle and hit 80kg (from 73kg)

Current Acheivements: 77kg (and counting, 6 weeks into 12 week programme)

Transformation Timescale: 12 weeks of personal training

I wanted to find a great trainer to give me more confidence within the gym and push/hold me accountable, all whilst building a good rapport with them. It’s safe to say that I have found that within Chris. I came to Chris with the above as a brief and very quickly we started setting goals and targets to achieve.

My main goal over the 12 week programme was to hit 80kg (in a lean way), given I was starting at 73kg – it was going to be a good challenge! Within 6 weeks I had seen some great aesthetic, confidence and mental progress, with me tipping the scales at 77kg – this exceeded my expectations but Chris has kept my feet on the ground (and working hard!)

During the process, Chris has demonstrated an undeniable energy to lift me on the tough days, in depth knowledge on movements, to not only tell me what to do but to educate me, and a good sense of individualisation with him tailing his approach/diet and exercise plan to meet my needs.

I’m super excited to see what the next 6 weeks bring and would recommend Chris to anyone wanting a proven and credible trainer!


Client Name: Gabby Dunn

Objective/Goal:  Improve body composition, Education on nutrition, Improve strength, Reduce body fat percentage

Current achievements: Significant improvements in both overall body composition and fitness.

Transformation timescale: 12 weeks of personal training

I started training with Chris on the 1st of February this year after deciding I really needed to give myself a chance to change my body and my eating habits. I’ve always been very active and saw myself as quite fit and healthy but for some reason I just couldn’t budge the weight! I approached Chris and explained what I wanted and chose to train with him 3 times a week for 4 weeks at a time as well as doing extra sessions myself. First of all we started with nutrition and I came to realise I was under eating. This made no sense to me as I wasn’t under weight at all, but I learned that I had been depriving myself of giving my metabolism a chance to build up and that I wasn’t fuelling my body well enough. This meant that it was just storing everything I ate even with me exercising. Chris looked at my diet and gave me a really easy nutrition plan to see how my body reacted. We then edited this throughout after seeing what worked and what didn’t work. Overall, we found that high protein, good fats and carb cycling worked best for me.

In regards to training I’ve always felt really comfortable with Chris which I think was really important for me. As a trainer he’s really relaxed but has a really good method of teaching. Each session he was always trying new movements and pushing me when he could see I could lift heavier; even when I thought I couldn’t, he proved that I could which really boosted my confidence. I didn’t realise how much lifting weights made a difference, as I’ve always been scared of getting too strong.

I ended up training for just over 4 months with a holiday in June as my goal. At each month we modified my diet and tried new training systems to keep my body reacting to the new diet and training. It was hard and exhausting at times and some days I did really struggle, but Chris was always on hand outside the gym if I needed any help or advice or even sending me links to new diet ideas to help my knowledge grow.

I can’t recommend Chris enough as a personal trainer. He has helped me so much and I can’t wait to carry on training. I’ve learned so much about my body, eating habits, nutrition and overall exercise that actually work for me. It’s the best decision I made this year and I’m finally so happy with my body. Thanks, Chris you’re the best!
Gabby Dunn - Personal Trained in Leeds

Client Name: Matthew Williamson

Objective/Goal:  Improve body composition & Fat Loss

Current achievements: Lost 2 stone, also vastly improved overall fitness and nutritional habits.

Transformation timescale: The Buddy Up x 10 weeks

It’s been hard work but I’m so happy with my transformation. Sarah and I are going to be so confident when we are hanging out around the pools in Vegas. Chris Sutcliffe has been so patient with the both of us, but he has done what we asked him to do and get us ready for Vegas. He has truly changed my life!

Matthew Williamson - 12 Weeks Personal Training


Client Name: Claudia Salador

Objective/Goal: Improve strength, Reduce Inches, Education on nutrition, Improve overall fitness, Samantha Faires  

Transformation timescale: 10 weeks of personal training

I started training with Chris in January 2015 until the summer this year. He is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate personal trainer and over the course of the months I trained with him I noticed immense progress in reaching my personal goals, whilst my overall fitness improved dramatically as well. I followed a customized nutrition plan and program design made just for me which simultaneously worked with my exercise regime. This helped to enhance my goals and progress. Sessions were always fun and innovative keeping things exciting. Chris always got me to work hard and reach my limits every session and was extremely patient and encouraging. There’s no doubt when I’m back in Leeds that I will be taking up personal training with him again.

Claudia Salador - 8 Weeks Personal Training


Client Name: Stephen Taylor

Objective/Goal: Build muscle, reduce overall body fat percentage, get strong 

Current achievements: Gone from 89kg down to 81.2kg

Transformation timescale: 10 weeks of personal training

I’ve been training with Chris for nearly 4 years. When I started out I was a block. I used to eat hot dogs out of tins, processed foods, and I couldn’t run more than a mile without blowing my lid.

Chris is a fantastic PT; his sessions are varied, intense and bespoke to what I want to achieve at a certain time of year. I can run 5k in 27:38, I can do 100 ball slams in 4:43, and more importantly I’ve got rid of the tin opener.

Chris has made it his mission to locate my abs – they haven’t been seen since 2007. My weight has come down from 89kg at its peak to 81.2kg at my best last year 2017 (please visit my Instagram to see me looking fresh). But more importantly my attitude to fitness has been revolutionary. I’m so much more educated about what to eat and when to eat it. My muscle mass has increased and fat has reduced thanks to Chris’s guidance.

Thanks for the support Chris!

Stephen Taylor - 12 Weeks Personally Trained in Leeds City Centre


Client Name: Aimee Le Masurier

Objective/Goal: Reduce Body Fat Percentage, healthy living, Improve strength and build muscle 

Current achievements: Reduced body fat, 16kg Dumbbell lunges, 70kg Deadlift in 6 weeks learning from scratch

Transformation timescale: 12 weeks of personal training

After years of trying diets, losing/gaining weight, in and out of the gym, not really knowing what I was doing, I decided to look for a PT to help me with my fitness and diet. I found Chris as he was local to me and within the first few sessions, I knew I was going to benefit from his help. My goal when I started was to lose fat, gain muscle and become stronger. I found it very difficult at first, mostly because I didn’t understand what I should be doing with my diet and this slowed me down a lot.

After 3 months of training 4/5 times a week and constantly asking him questions about my diet which he always took time out to help me with I finally kind of understood what I needed to do…and that was eat more. This worried me a lot, however, Chris reassured me it was the right thing to do and calculated exactly how much protein, carbs and fat I should be having based on my weight.

Once I started this, things quickly progressed in the gym. I was lifting much heavier weights than before, Chris was setting me higher and higher goals which I was able to achieve. My body changed so much more for the better and I could finally see results.

It’s been 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going. There are times that are hard and times I do not want to train, but Chris is able to motivate me and keep me on track. There is still progress to be made and I’m sure Chris will be setting me some new goals in the new year. But the battle I used to have with my confidence & self-esteem is almost a thing of the past.

Aimee la Mausier - 12 Weeks Personal Coached

Client name: Claire Collinson 

London Marathon Training

I decided to take up personal training to help me with my training for the London marathon and to increase my overall body strength.

I had run half marathons before so when I got my place to run the London Marathon I realised the need to train properly. Since my first consultation with Chris where we sat down to discuss what I wanted to achieve, Chris has always been there every step of the way. It was an added bonus that Chris is a runner himself so could offer advice first hand from his own experience.

Chris wrote my full 14 week training plan which was realistic given my busy work and social life, slowly increasing my mileage each week whilst also making sure I was still doing weekly strength and conditioning sessions to compliment my runs. I didn’t realise the importance of doing this and how much it made a difference to my running especially when you were getting to the longer distances of 18-20 miles. I was extremely lucky and came through the 14 weeks injury free with only minor niggles which I doubt would have happened without the training plan I was following.

As it was my first marathon I just wanted to finish but Chris encouraged me to aim for a time and to push myself. If someone had said to me in January I could run it under 4 hours 30 I wouldn’t have believed them but with the discipline of the training and gym sessions I smashed that.

I would highly recommend using CSS fitness if you have any goal or target in mind, Chris was always there to encourage you and knew when to push you harder. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do half of the sessions without Chris’s support. Chris made each session fun and varied and you came away from each session having felt you have achieved something with a smile on your face.
I enjoyed it that much that I am continuing my training with Chris and have now signed up for my next marathon….thank you CSS Fitness!

Client Name: Laura Ewbank

Objective/Goal: Strengthen Back and build tissue, Complete The London Marathon 2018

Current achievements:

Recoverd from prolapsed disc and be pain-free. Completed The London Marathon 2018

Transformation timescale: 24 weeks of London marathon training

After badly injuring my back, the last thing I thought I would be doing was running the 2018 London Marathon only 10 months later. This would not have been possible without Chris and after a consultation where I explained my injury, my lack of running experience and that I had a place in the London marathon we begun training.

To strengthen my back we initially began with weight training and I soon noticed muscle definition I had not seen before! This was followed by 3 months of running which was supplemented with strength training.

Chris wrote my complete marathon and nutrition plan and was very supportive throughout. As a runner himself I felt in safe hands and he was always able to answer any question I had.

I am very happy to say that I am now completely pain-free and I finished the marathon! I can highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to improve their fitness, build up strength or even to run a marathon.

Laura Ewbank - 12 Weeks Marathon Trained

Client Name: Jade Cherry

Objective/Goal: Strengthen Full body, Improve Core Strength and Complete The London Marathon 2018

Current achievements:

Successfully Completed The London Marathon 2018

Transformation timescale: 24 weeks of London marathon training

Chris is an excellent trainer. On day 1 Chris sat down with me to discuss my aims and lifestyle to ensure the programme he was creating would fit in and be realistic and manageable alongside my hectic job and social life. Once the detailed programme was created, Chris set about educating me on how to eat to fuel to ensure I would have the energy to see me through the more demanding weeks of training.

Finally, Chris was excellent at adapting my plan to my needs when I became injured to ensure I could continue to train and not miss out on essential runs. As well as doing all of this, Chris managed to keep me motivated by mixing up my sessions and ensuring I remained focused on the end goal.

I would have no hesitation in recommending CSS Fitness for anyone who has a goal in mind and who requires some professional support and advice to help achieve it.

Collage of Marathon Runner Finishing Race

Client Name: Asad Hafeez

Objective/Goal: Build muscle and increase size

Current achievements:  Starting weight was 70kg. Went up to 85kg and now cut back down to 80kg where he is much happier

Transformation timescale: 12 weeks of personal training

Like most people at the start of every New Year, my intentions were to get fit and healthy. This year (2018) I actually took the plunge and joined Graft Haus gym at the beginning of January.
The last time I’d seen a gym was in my late teens ( I won’t mention how old I am now 🙂 and I knew I need some extra support and guidance for a number of reasons, most of all to get optimal results and avoid getting injured.

I came across CSS Fitness online, I had an initial consultation which resulted in most of my questions being answered and even questions I didn’t think to ask. I decided to enroll for the 12 week program which included 4 sessions per week.

One of the main motivators for me personally was the fact I was due to be appearing on the channel 5 TV show GPS: behind closed doors. I didn’t want to feel self-conscious about my physique and I wanted to get a little bigger if I’m honest.

I started to notice significant results within 6 weeks and my colleagues and friends also noticed a change in my physique. During my first 3 months, I had gained 15kg (mainly muscle). My sessions each week were becoming more challenging with notable increase in weight in certain exercises. For example, when I initially started bench press, I was benching around 40kg and towards the end of the program I was benching 80kg for 5 reps.

Having completed my 12 week program I had no doubt I wanted to continue training with Chris. Over the next 12 weeks the focus and program has changed slightly but I’m certain I will continue to make progress in my training.

I just wanted to share my experiences over recent weeks and also wanted to give an incentive to those who are thinking of working with CSS Fitness.

Cannot thank you enough Chris

Client Name: Ashley Feldman

Objective/Goal: Build muscle, healthy living, Improve overall fitness

Current achievements: Gained over 8kg in muscle mass, completed first ever 10k, and now first ever half- marathon event

Transformation timescale: 16 weeks of personal training

I have been training with Chris for 9 months now since April 2015 and the results I have witnessed in this short period have truly surpassed all my expectations. Chris’s personal approach meant he was able to write a tailored and individual training plan to help me achieve my desired goals of muscle definition, strength, and increased general fitness levels. Chris is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of training and nutrition and although sessions are tough, he really pushes to help you see results. In the short time, we have been training together I have gained over 8 kilos in lean muscle mass and aesthetically my body has undergone a complete transformation. Additionally, Chris has pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. Before training with Chris I hadn’t done cardiovascular exercise for years and found the prospect of it daunting, however, with Chris’s coaching and guidance, I have just run my first 10k race in a time of 48 minutes; an achievement I am immensely proud of. Chris is truly friendly and puts you at an instant ease. I could not recommend him highly enough to anyone who is looking for that extra boost of motivation to really achieve their goals.

Consistency - Results

Client Name: Lukas Sutcliffe

Objective/Goal: Qualify for the 2018 Ibiza ETU Sprint Distance Duathlon European Championships. Represent the 25-29 year olds as part of the GB age group team.

Current achievements: Qualified for the 2018 Ibiza ETU Duathlon Sprint Distance European Championships.

Transformation timescale: 12 weeks of personal training

My first ever triathlon was back in 2012 when I competed in the Ilkley triathlon. Back then I was working as a lifeguard at Bingley pool and I came across a flyer that had some information on about the event. At the time I was cycling and running to work and it seemed like an interesting challenge, especially after seeing ironman on TV.

Chris has been a massive influence on me ever since I started competing in sport. I was never the sporty type originally when I was younger.

When it comes to following a structured program I work closely with Chris all year round. I personally wouldn’t work with any other coach as he knows my strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else.

The program I follow is never set in stone and if anything, it’s more of a template. This is why it’s important to work closely with Chris so he can make the necessary adjustments to ensure I progress within my training. Anyone can write a program, but knowing how to periodise and optimise a program in order to make the correct adjustments to ensure progression, that’s where Chris comes in.

If you know Chris, you will know that one of his biggest strengths is running. This is probably out of all three disciplines in the triathlon my biggest weakness. Under Chris’s guidance, my 10k time has improved by a massive 8 minutes since I began competing. He really knows his stuff and I’m grateful for all the expert advice he has given me over the last few years.

Thank you for all your support Chris

Collage of Lukas Sutcliffe running a race and posing after completing


Client Name: Anna Smithies

Objective/Goal: Reduce body fat percentage, Improve strength, Improve nutritional habits

Transformation timescale: 5 weeks of personal training

After putting on 2 stone during the summer last year I managed to lose almost 1 stone with Chris in just 5 weeks. And not only that, I’ve managed to keep it off as he has provided me with some great nutrition advice. The sessions were challenging but so fun. I’d definitely recommend Chris if you are looking for a PT to lose weight, tone up and learn more about nutrition.

Anna Smithies Transformation front pose

Client Name: Nicola Hayley  

Objective/Goal: Weight loss, Reduce inches, Education on healthy living, Improve overall fitness

Current achievements: Lost over 2 stone in body weight, 85kg Deadlift, Total diet & nutritional transformation

Transformation timescale: 32 weeks of personal training

In November 2015 I joined Xercise4Less in Leeds because I was so unhealthy that it was affecting my life and I was tired of being the one in my group of friends that couldn’t keep up. I started training with Chris around the same time, and to start with I didn’t really know what I wanted to get out of it, my only goal was to just keep going. I haven’t once considered giving up my sessions with Chris since I started them. Over time he has introduced me to resistance and interval training and encouraged me to set mini goals to keep me focused. I am now aiming for my first 100kg Deadlift and to get over speed 10.0 on my running intervals. Chris makes the sessions tough enough to push me to the limit, but always fun too so that I never notice the time ticking away. He is great at encouraging me to try things I had never even considered, both with food and exercise. He has created a personalised diet plan for me and often gives me recipe ideas that fit into it. I would highly recommend him to anybody as a personal trainer!

Nicola Hayley Transformation front pose

Client Name: Staav Bremer

Objective/Goal: Sub 40mins/Win a race

Transformation timescale/result: 10 weeks of personal training: (Keighley 10k Female Champion 2015) 

Firstly and probably most importantly thank you so much for everything I would never have got this far without you, and it’s only just the beginning… How can I possibly maintain this level not only of physical fitness but also mental determination without my no.1 coach when I’m abroad?! To be honest, the only thing keeping me hopeful is social media and your fast growing fitness accounts!

From the moment I started training with Headingley Harriers I knew it was the right decision to attend the weekly Monday and Wednesday sessions. The group who attend the club are the most amazing bunch of people who welcomed me in the nicest way possible and made sure I was involved from the word go. I know it’s not been long and I’m already saying goodbye but just so you know if I were to be staying in Leeds there’s no way I would voluntarily leave Headingley Harriers, my Monday’s and Wednesday’s will not be complete without them.

As part of a warm-up event, we competed at the Dewsbury 10k race as a team. At this point, never having raced a timed 10k before, the only thing I had to go by were your predictions. When you said my aim was sub 40 I didn’t really appreciate what this meant until a few weeks before the race…. then I started to panic! The race started to creep up and the training was upped to another level, all in our interest. We were following a strict program which meant that I always had a structure to go by and was constantly progressing my fitness levels. I found you always pushed me to the max and supported me even through the hardest sessions. After keeping you in my sight for the full race, I achieved a time of 38.46 at the Dewsbury 10k, which I was over the moon with. I came in 13th place for the females overall. There is no feeling like the feeling at the end of a race when you achieve a new PB!

The next race was the Keighley 10k. After another solid 6 weeks of brutal training it was once again time get out onto that muddy track. I was determined from the start of the race, exploding out of the traps in order to get a good start. After 38 minutes and 16 seconds (NEW PB) I completed the Keighley 10k, a track full of twists and turns, bends and hills, and came 1st female overall. This is such an amazing achievement for me and proves what athlete dedication along with top class coaching can do! Thanks again, you’re one of a kind! On a serious note a highly recommendable club and coach to anyone with a passion for running.

Client Name: Jen Wright

Objective/Goal: Reduce inches, Improve overall fitness, Learn programming exercises

Current achievements: Lost over 5lbs, Dropped a dress size, Increased strength  

Transformation timescale:  12 weeks of personal training

I started training with Chris twice a week in July 2015. I’ve always been a gym goer and attended classes but felt at a stand-still with my weight & fitness. In the sessions we mainly work on weights & resistance training, Chris also gave me nutritional advice to help work towards my goals. I’ve lost around 5 lbs, gone down a dress size, and feel much fitter & stronger. I would 100% recommend Chris as a trainer, he is able to push you to reach goals you may not have thought possible & always keeps the sessions varied. I am now able to squat my body weight & I’m no longer afraid to enter the weights section!

Jen Wright Transformation