The Unlimited Personal Training Package

The secret to achieving a successful body transformation

Class Overview

The initial consultation will allow me to gather all the appropriate information with regard to what you want to achieve from the package.

This option is designed for people wanting to go the extra mile in achieving optimal results.

Whatever your interest or goal this program will be tailored and customised to ensure you progress on a weekly basis. You will not only have the flexibility of being able to train whenever you want, but also the chance to work with a fully qualified fitness professional that has proven experience in achieving outstanding results with clients.

One of the key benefits of this package is the opportunity to increase your weekly training frequency. Additionally, the luxury of having unlimited sessions will give you the platform to push your fitness boundaries. Not only will you have 24/7 support but also weekly check-ins to ensure you stay on track with your training and nutrition.

Another benefit of this package is the Free 30 minute nutrition workshop which will allow you to hit the ground running and get clued up on how to effectively optimise your diet. I think it's important to remember that there is no 'one diet fits all'. You can't search the Internet and print off the perfect diet plan. CSS Fitness aim to take away the guess work and provide you with customised nutritional plans to maximise gym performance and recovery.

One thing that can be guaranteed is you will progress from week to week both mentally and physically.

Throughout the course of this program, you will not only learn a wide range of exercises but also how to maximise your training through activation techniques and key movement patterns. Providing you turn up to sessions with a willingness to succeed and give me 100% of your efforts, I guarantee to transform your body. I understand that everyone will have their off days, however it's about persevering on days that are tough and overcoming hurdles that want to de-rail your progress.

RESULTS guaranteed, see previous clients results; Transformations & success stories!

What's included?

  • Free 30 minute Consultation
  • NO Gym Membership Required
  • Customised Diet & Nutritional plan
  • Tailored Periodised program design
  • Free 30 minute Nutrition workshop
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Gym Membersip
  • Free 30 minute Sports Therapy from SJ Sports Therapy
  • Free 1kg Protein Powder or Supplement of your choice

  • 6 Month: £3100
    3 Month: £1800
    1 Month: £800

    Class Details

    Monday - Saturday
    07:00 AM | 10:00 PM
    Unit 4, Cardigan Trading Estate, Lennox Rd, Leeds LS4 2BL

    Class Location