6 Week Fat Loss or Muscle Building

The secret to achieving a successful body transformation

Class Overview

Do these Questions apply to you?

  • Not sure how to find the right macronutrient (carbs, fats, proteins) balance for you?
  • Tired of getting poor results from traditional workout plans?
  • Not sure what exercises and rep ranges to use when trying to gain muscle?
  • How do I lose stubborn body fat?
  • Tired of the same old routine?

  • How we aim to help

    Everyone wants to change but are you willing to put the steps in place to make change happen. Results come from stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself on a daily basis.

    Whatever your interest or goal, this program will be tailored and customised to ensure you progress.

    Here at CSSFitness we aim to solve any misconceptions about training and nutrition whilst providing you with expert knowledge on how to improve your results.

    One thing that can be guaranteed is you will progress from week to week both mentally and physically. Throughout the course of this program, you will not only learn a wide scope of exercises but also how to maximise your training through activation techniques and key movement patterns.

    Nutrition will play a pivotal role in your progression for various different reasons from gym performance and recovery to overall improvement in body composition. CSSfitness aim to take away the guess work and provide you with customised nutritional plans to exploit all of these key factors.

    What's included?

  • Free 30 minute Consultation
  • NO Gym Membership Required
  • Customised Diet & Nutritional plan
  • Tailored Periodised program design
  • Free 30 minute Nutrition workshop
  • 24/7 Support

  • 18 Sessions (3 x 1hr per week: £576) - £32ph || Renew: 1 FREE SESSION
    12 Sessions (2 x 1hr per week: £408) - £34ph || Renew: 1 FREE SESSION

    RESULTS guaranteed, see previous clients results; Transformations & success stories!

    Class Details

    Monday - Saturday
    07:00 AM | 10:00 PM
    Unit 4, Cardigan Trading Estate, Lennox Rd, Leeds LS4 2BL

    Class Location