12 Week Body Transformation

The secret to achieving a successful body transformation

Class Overview

This 12 week body transfomation program has simply been designed to transform your body and take your fitness abilities to a whole new level. Whatever your interest or goal this program will be tailored and customised to ensure you progress on a weekly basis.

At CSS Fitness we create the action that takes you from A to B. While it's important to remember that A to B won't happen overnight, it's about thinking of the bigger picture and remaining dedicated in achieving your goals. Throughout the course of the 12 week period your nutrition will be monitored and reviewed on a weekly basis. It's imperative that we get to grips with how your body functions from day to day so we can identify what foods work well for you. It's really all about finding the perfect macronutrient (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) balance for you. On this note, I think it's important to remember that there is no 'one diet fits all'. You can't search the Internet and print off the perfect diet plan. CSSfitness aim to take away the guess work and provide you with customised nutritional plans to maximise gym performance and recovery. You will not only learn a wide scope of exercises throughout this program but also how to maximise your training through activation techniques and key movement patterns. The 12 week program will be broken down into 3 phases where we look to cycle a variation of programming to ensure the mind and body are constantly developing.

Program breakdown:

Phase 1:

The initial phase will all be about building a solid foundation for the weeks to come. Form and technique will be assessed on all exercises within the program to ensure you get the most out of your training plan. Through a combination of strength and resistance training you will be on the right track towards your physique goals. A wide range of exercises will make up your training program ensuring week by week you never get bored and improve in all areas of fitness.

Phase 2:

Once you have completed the first phase you will now be ready to take your training to the next level where more advanced systems will slowly be implemented. The volume of work will creep up and the body will continuously be guessing from the shock factor of training systems incorporated in the programming. I personally see this stage as a crucial period within the program as training becomes more difficult, but show signs of persistence and you will be rewarded with incredible results. On completion of this phase your fitness level and body composition will have made some significant changes.

Phase 3:

This final phase will be a tapering down cycle where we look to fine tune the body. We will introduce fun and functional HIIT style training for conditioning which will not only help illicit that fat burning process but also improve your body for activities performed in everyday life. On conclusion of this phase you will have successfully completed the 12 week body transformation program and achieved some fantastic results.

At CSS Fitness we highly recommend taking before and after pictures. We believe this is not only a fantastic way of monitoring progression throughout the program, but also great in having that visual perspective in seeing how far you have progressed.

RESULTS guaranteed, see previous clients results; Transformations & success stories!

What's included?

  • Free 30 minute Consultation
  • NO Gym Membership Required
  • Customised Diet & Nutritional plan
  • Tailored Periodised program design
  • Free 30 minute Nutrition workshop
  • 24/7 Support

  • 48 sessions (4 x 1hr per week: £1200) - (£25ph)
    36 sessions (3 x 1hr per week: £972) - (£27ph)
    24 sessions (2 x 1hr per week: £696) - (£29ph)

    Class Details

    Monday - Saturday
    07:00 AM | 10:00 PM
    Unit 4, Cardigan Trading Estate, Lennox Rd, Leeds LS4 2BL

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